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As a credit expert, I will help you choose the most optimal and appropriate loan offer. Thanks to the agreements concluded with several banks, I can carefully offer you the financing of the property, negotiating favorable loan terms, supporting the client in difficult banking procedures. I am explaining incomprehensible provisions of loan agreements. I guarantee short waiting times for a banking decision. I advise you in the selection of a loan offer completely objectively, professionally and independently. I help our clients in providing all necessary documents regarding the real estate to the selected bank, monitoring the process of obtaining a loan and synchronizing the dates of finalizing transactions by our clients. It should be mentioned that our services in the discussed area are free of charge for every client.

When choosing a loan for you, I try to make it:

    with an available loan, i.e. from the bank that wants to grant it - before submitting the application, I check my creditworthiness!
    a loan tailored to individual expectations and the specific situation in which the Borrower is,
    friendly, i.e. one that will not tire you with formalities, because I arrange a large part of them for the Borrower.

Our offer includes:


You can sign up for:

        purchase of a single-family house or a flat in multi-family buildings on the primary and secondary market,
        purchase of a council and company flat,
        purchase of a building plot,
        construction, superstructure, reconstruction, expansion of a single-family house,
        adaptation of non-residential premises to residential ones,
        transformation of a cooperative tenant's right to a dwelling into a cooperative ownership right to a dwelling,
        transformation of the right of perpetual usufruct of real estate into ownership.

It is usually long-term - repayment can be spread over several dozen years. The loan is usually secured with the real estate being credited, although it can also be secured by a mortgage on another property - an apartment, building or plot.

Mortgage loan.

It is cash for individuals for any chosen consumption purpose, against a mortgage, if you have real estate that can constitute a loan security, and at the same time plan to allocate money for a purpose not related to the construction, purchase or renovation of a house or apartment. It is one of the ways of financing, for example, a car, paying off previously taken consumer loans, obtaining funds for capital investments. Its most important advantage is that it is much cheaper than a cash loan.

Consolidation Loan.

The consolidation loan may be used to repay liabilities in other banks due to home, car, consumer loans, credit cards, and revolving lines. Part of the consolidation loan amount may be allocated for an indefinite purpose. It is a kind of conversion of several loans into one cheap one, thus reducing your monthly burden.

Refinancing Loan.

If you are someone who took out a home loan several years ago and your loan is more expensive than most loans on the market, you can switch your loan to a cheaper one. In other words: transferring your home loan obligations from another bank to the target bank - on much better terms!

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